Since 1986 the Personal Achievement Hypnosis Center
has helped thousands of individuals worldwide stop smoking forever.

Quit Smoking without side-effects or dangerous drug interactions.
You can now quit smoking forever without fear or withdrawal.

In our highly specialized program we actually teach the mind how to act, think and feel like a non-smoker. Think about it. There was a time when you didn't smoke and the PAC has developed a program that actually taps into that part of yourself to stop smoking forever. It's never been easier! Using a combination of education, hypnosis, NLP, Cold Laser Technology and our Proprietary Advanced Neuro-Digital Technoglogy, NDT, we can now easily and effectively help you achieve your goals. No one does it better, although many have tried to emulate our program since we began back in 1986 which speaks of our success!

Stop Smoking Forever Program©
Enjoy a Smoke-Free Lifestyle in Three Easy Sessions

The PAC Stop Smoking Forever Program is a powerful guaranteed program designed for those who have made a decision to stop smoking forever. Getting past smoking requires a decision on a conscious and deep subconscious level. It also requires new triggers and anchors that are installed on a conditioned response level. New associations trigger new responses in your mind and body. Our program is a 1 - Step Stop Smoking Program that is easy, effective and fun. The important thing is that the smoking habit is cancelled forever! There is no pressure, only unconditional support to help you enjoy a new lifestyle as a non-smoker.

Why you'll want to use the Stop Smoking Forever Program:
1 - Eliminate the fear of failure. We help remove the desire for cigarettes and any associated fears of stopping.
2 - Conquer the stress of quitting with our accelerated learning technology. Food will not become another substitute.
3 - Learn a highly effective technique for stress management so you can be cool, calm and healthy.
4 - Develop your own individual potential that helps you be successful by learning the behaviors of non-smokers.
5 - Remove the fear of loss with the success of a new life!
6 - Of course with our lifetime guarantee, you’re home free. This give you the assurance and support you want!

1-Step Stop Smoking Forever Program
90 minute Stop Smoking Hypnosis Education System
Complete protocol for remaining smoke free & detoxing the body.
Subconscious Re-education Training (SRT)

cost for our 90 minute Stop Smoking Program is $495.00 which comes with a lifetime guarantee if you need a "booster" hypnosis session we will provide that at no cost to you.

Hi Don,

I am learning more each day how to use the tools you have provided me to continue on this journey of being tobacco free. It's funny how your mind is programmed sometimes. I realized I have been smoking cigarettes longer than anything in my life, except breathing. Starting to notice new things, like how some foods now taste, how I can smell things better (sometimes the smell is worse, LOL), how my breathing is better and sinus problems are diminishing. I am free!!! My father has been free for one year now. He is 83 years old and started smoking at age 12! So if he can quit anyone can.



All information is strictly confidential between you and our staff of trained professionals.

Refund Policy
Our system is powerful and effective. We do not offer refunds to eliminate the incentive for people to start smoking and say,, "Oh well, I tried and it didn't work," and want their money back. This would only allow a person to justify to themselves or others that they "tried"to quit without putting forth any effort at all. We simply ask our clients to make a decisive appointment with us to stop smoking forever. We believe very powerfully that you will happy with our service as you use it correctly.