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What are the costs involved?

This is a great time to take advantage of our services to help you reach your Unlimited Potential. Individual locations fees may vary however below is a general guideline. Be sure to check your office for specific costs.

does not include **Smoking & Weight Loss Programs
First Session $195.00 ~ 75 - 90 minute session
Further Sessions $115.00 ~ 50 minute session

4- Session pkg. $500.00 paid in advance
Missed appointments without 48 hour notice will be charged full office visit of $115.00 after initial appointment

If part of Smoking, Weight, Stress or Pain Programs, there is no extra fee.
Initial Consultation for Laser is $95.00
Laser treatment is $35 - $45 depending on issue
Most treatments have protocols of 8 - 20 sessions.

Our Weight Loss & Stop Smoking Programs are specialized programs. Due to the uniqueness and special needs of each client, we offer a FREE HYPNOTIC SCREENING to help us determine the best program for your specific needs.

Contact your closest center and make an appointment while you're thinking about it..