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Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine
From the Mayo Clinic

Hypnosis in Medicine
from Medicinenet.com

Hypnosis in Dentistry
from Dentalfearcentral.net

Hypnosis & Relaxation
Clinical Review of Complementary medicine

Hypnotherapy in Medicine

Medical Hypnosis Programs
at Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Hypnotic Tooth Extraction
with Hypnosis from YouTube

Hypnosis to Manage Pain
From the Mayo Clinic

Hypnosis in Psychosomatic Medicine

Hypnosis Gains Ground in Medicine
Columbia University News

Hypnosis Moves Closer to Mainstream Medicine
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Hypnotherapy Overview
from University of Maryland Medical Center

Hypnosis Past, Present and Future
Medical & Psychiatric Applications

Medical Hypnosis Uses,
Techniques, and Contraindications of Hypnotherapy

Tooth Extraction with Hypnosis