Our "RISK-FREE" Guarantee

The Personal Achievement Center for Hypnosis is natually confident in the perfomance of our exclusive and comprehensive Programs that we offer our "risk-free" guarantee of our services.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction when you join the Personal Achievement Center hypnotic experience. Although we udnerstand that your personal success is dependent upon many variables including your willingness to follow through with our life style change program protocols, the PAC for Hypnosis offers the following guarantee:

If for any reason during your 1st Program Session with the PAC you are not satisfied and do not wish to follow through your program, we will simply refund 100% of your money. YOU CAN STILL KEEP YOUR FREE AUDIO AND EBOOK ($39.95 value), YOU RECIEVED AS A GIFT AS OUR WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU. We realize that you might soon become aware of the positive effects of your session and follow through and we want to welcome you back cheerfully.