Thank you for visiting our audio hypnosis page. Take you time and browse through our section as we continue to expand out titles. We are pleased to bring you the cutting edge in digital audio technology that will penetrate your subconscious mind in a way that that is soothing, easy and very powerful! Some recordings we utilize a powerful double or triple voice embedded induction that will put you into a deep hypnotic trance just from our exclusive technology!

SleepNow Productions, Inc. has created the ultimate in Audio Hypnosis programs.
Now from the comfort of your home, you can order and experience
positive and powerful messages to help you reach your goals.
We utilize state of the art digital technology that consists of "Whole-Brain" learning.

IGNITE your subconsious mind today!

ESSENTIAL: Condition your mind with this powerful recording before you listen to anything else. Drift and float away into soothing bliss with this and let all your cares vanish.
19.16 minutes $29.95

Enjoy a "quickie" relaxation. Use AFTER you have used Deep Hypnosis Conditioning for maximum results.
14.32 minutes $19.95

One of the biggest challenges I hear often is about exercise. Although we know the importance we often struggle with the motivation or finding something we like. This CD will teach your mind and body that exercise is fun and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to get moving once you re-program yourself for success!
21.16 minutes $21.95

This soothing CD gently guides you into a more confident person. You will learn how to "switch-off" stress instantly and create new internal images that will guide you towards a more wonderful life!
24.52 minutes $29.95

This recording was originally created to assist me in my travels around the world. Sleeping on airplanes and strange hotels away from home can be difficult. But now I look forward to my adventures with Peaceful Sleep. If it works so well away from home, imagine how well it works in your own bedroom. Just turn on and let go. This CD will not wake you up. It will allow you to continue on to Peaceful Sleep and Deep Restful Slumber!
28.36 minutes $29.95

Health. You have one life, live it well. Program your mind with concepts of health and well-being that will filter into your everyday life. You owe it to yourself to live a vibrant radiant life.
23.12 minutes $29.95

One of the basic tenets of a vibrant life is our ability to control our mind, our thoughts, our future. Now you can literally train your mind to turn on or off at your command! By learning how to Control Mind you will be able to live a more peaceful and joyful life!
12.38 minutes $29.95

HYPNOSEX 7 Days to Sexual Tranceformation
7 CD's 22.38 minutes each